4 of Lanolips' Best Natural Lip Balms

best natural lip balms

Do you have chapped lips that are making you uncomfortable?

Whether your lips get dry and cracked during the winter months or you experience sensitive chapped lips year-round, lip balm is the easiest way to keep them soft and hydrated every day.

Of course, we’re not just talking about any pharmacy balm or chapstick. It’s important to avoid using anything that can further irritate your lips, which more often than not are artificial ingredients, scents and extracts. That’s where natural, lanolin-driven lip balms come into the picture!

Let’s explore a few of the benefits of natural lip balms along with some of our favourite Lanolips balms you can try this year.

Natural lip balm 101

What makes natural lip balm so great? Well, natural ingredients are an incredibly effective way to not only moisturise your lips, but also soften and protect them from future harm even as the seasons and weather change.

The lanolin used in all of our products has the natural molecular structure that is the closest to your skin’s own oils, meaning it’s brilliant at hydration. In fact, it’s such a safe and effective ingredient that some people use it to treat burns and other injuries that require intense hydration to heal. We only use the world’s finest lanolin in our balms, which is refined through a proprietary process to provide the ultimate moisturisation to your lips and skin. 

Best yet, this natural ingredient is humanely and sustainably sourced!

Best natural lip balms from Lanolips

Now, to what you’ve really been waiting for. Here are our picks for the best natural lip balms from Lanolips you should try this year to keep your lips looking and feeling healthy and hydrated:

The Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

Of course, we have to start this list with “The World's Best Lip Balm” (as voted by Reddit & The Times UK). This is where our skincare built on the hydrating power of natural lanolin all began.

This cult classic is an 100% au naturale alternative to greasy, messy petroleum-based balms and is truly TLC in a tube. It offers the ultimate hydration that penetrates and seals in moisture. It’s one of the best ways to revive and soothe extremely dry and chapped lips. Plus, it comes in fun and juicy varieties like coconutter and watermelon.

Tinted Lanolin Lip Balm

Ready to add a subtle touch of colour to your everyday skincare routine? This all-natural tinted lip balm pairs perfectly with a fresh face. It comes in a few different shades so you can choose from a barely-there nude tint to a little pop of pink that complements every skin tone. Of course, it also treats your lips to hydration that lasts for hours.

Lemonaid Lanolin Lip Treatment

This zesty citrus is great for leaving your lips feeling fresh, soft and moist. The rich and creamy whipped lanolin lip treatment feels like heaven on your lips and is also a great natural exfoliant to remove the top layer of dead skin from your smile. The hint of shimmer also makes it the perfect all-day-every-day lip treatment for just a little bit of glisten.

Lemonaid Scrubba-Balm

We don’t need to tell you that one of the most frustrating effects of chapped lips is flakes. But don’t grab your regular exfoliant! Your lips need this gentle and soothing Scrubba Balm that naturally buffs away dead skin flakes while restoring your lip’s natural layer of protection with extra moisture.

Extra fine sugar crystals and crushed orange peel work to exfoliate your lips (and smells amazing) without tearing the surface. Just remember that this balm isn’t recommended for those with very sensitive lips.

View our collection of natural skin products today to simplify and add even more hydration into your daily skincare routine!


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