The World's Best Lip Balm Goes Back to Basics



With our latest LANOLIPS BASIC BALM range, we have brought basic back and let simplicity shine with our new release that celebrates sustainability.

The BASIC BALM range still has the 100% natural lanolin everyday formula that Lanolips is known for, keeping your lips hydrated and soft for hours. However, the packaging is made from our new post-consumer recycled (PCR) material (*excl the sticker label). The packaging used for the BASIC BALM range is part of our latest initiative in the sustainability space.

We're excited in finding an environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to packaging, as well as great way to lighten the overall carbon footprint. 


Our Lanolips Basic Balm Packaging -
The Best Kind Of Basic

But first, you probably have some questions...

What is post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic?

PCR is made by collecting and repurposing plastic from our oceans, beaches and land. It is then repurposed into a new raw material which offers the same functionality as traditional plastic but reduces overall carbon footprint, lessens the impact of landfills, can be continuously recycled and reduces the amount of new plastic created  (*excl the sticker label). 


How much product does the LANOLIPS BASIC BALM hold? 
The PCR cylinder holds a substantial 4.5 grams of the 100% natural balm formula. The smooth golden formula is hot-poured into the planet-friendly PCR tube, forming a natural curved surface as the balm cools.


What about Basic Balm's outer boxes? 

LANOLIPS BASIC BALM'S outer box is made from materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), printed using eco-friendly soybean and vegetable-based inks.

When you purchase FSC certified products, you’re supporting zero deforestation, fair work and wages, conservation and cultural land rights. Non-toxic materials naturally break down, preserving the integrity of our land and waterways for generations to come.


What’s other sustainable initiatives is Lano doing?

This latest initiative follows on from four years of environmentally friendly packaging updates at Lanolips, which included switching box printing inks to plant-based alternatives, as well as the removal of printing laminates, cello coating on paper boxes and all plastic from e-commerce shipping filler packaging to make recycling easier. 

We will continue to source more sustainable packaging options, with the aim to transition all tubes to more eco-friendly materials over the next 12-24 months, as testing allows. You can read more about sustainability initiatives on our Values page. 







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