What is Lanolin and Is it Safe for Your Skin?

As with anything, it’s important to read the ingredient list before purchasing or trying new cosmetics like lip balms, moisturisers and hand lotions. Being vigilant about avoiding harsh chemicals and other irritants is the key to keeping your skin hydrated and nourished all year long.

At the same time, there are also ingredients that you want to look for in your skincare and beauty products. Namely, lanolin! Read on to learn more about this all-natural ingredient and why it’s amazing for your skin.

What is Lanolin?

In its raw form, lanolin is a deeply moisturising oil naturally occurring in sheep’s wool. It’s essential for conditioning and protecting sheep’s wool from the elements but is also extremely close to our skin’s own natural oil, making lanolin effective at hydrating skin, which is why we call it “Nature’s Wonder Moisturiser”.

Lanolin moisturisers, ointments and lip balms are excellent for softening the look and feel of dry, flaky skin and allowing it to moisturise from within. That’s why lanolin is the hero ingredient in all our LANO products.

Is Lanolin Good for Your Skin?

Of course, just because an ingredient is all-natural doesn’t mean it’s automatically safe for your skin. So, is lanolin good for your skin? Yes!

Lanolin is scientifically proven to mimic lipids in human skin extremely closely, meaning it’s less likely to irritate even the most delicate, sensitive skin. Additionally, lanolin can hold up to 400% of its weight in moisture while still being semi-occlusive which allows your skin to breathe without ever leaving any sticky residue behind.

Perhaps we’re most confident that our lanolin is good for your skin because of our proprietary refining process. Our unique Ultra-Pure Grade lanolin goes above and beyond the traditional refining process to produce our renowned lanolin.

Cruelty-free Skincare

Our lanolin isn’t only good for your skin, but it’s also safe for the environment. All of LANO’s lanolin is humanely and sustainably sourced from sheep farmers across Australia and New Zealand. Plus, it’s Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free!

The next time you pick up a lanolin-based lip balm or lanolin moisturiser from LANO, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re not only giving your skin the best hydration but that no animals were harmed in the process. 

About Lanolips

While everyone’s skin is different, lanolin moisturiser or lanolin lip balm is often a safe skincare choice for everyone because it’s all-natural and especially refined to do the most good. Lanolin is a great way to add more hydration to your skincare or beauty routine year-round. From hot, dry summers to harsh winters you can trust lanolin to nourish even the most delicate skin with the extreme hydration it craves.

Learn more about lanolin and why we use it in all of our Lanolips products.


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